One of the best advantages of using 2D animation in digital marketing across your social media channels is that it is relatively less costly than live videos. Video production usually costs a lot of money. Searching for a spokesperson, actors, shooting equipment, shooting locations and post-production of the film. This not only costs a lot but also consumes too much time. Instead, you just need almost half of this effort to create a stunning animated explainer video.

2D animation videos are faster to produce are very cost-effective as it can be created in less time while maintaining the freshness.

In Davinci Media it only takes these steps to bring your idea to life:
1- Idea generation
A good idea never fades out.

2- Pre-production and scripting
We determine the video concept as well as the style then we write the script, and determine all the other details concerned with how the actual video is going to look, sound, and perform.

3- Designing: 
It’s time to put it all together in action. This is where our professional crew starts character designs, custom designs, high-quality original designs.

4- Animation: 
Our editorial post-production team kicks in to shape your story, use professional studio quality voice overs add music and in general make sure your video looks exactly like we planned in pre-production.